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Support During COVID-19

During the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns Welcome Skills appreciates the great difficulty and stress this is having on the hospitality industry and in particular the Asian sector. However, we are committed to continue to help and support our employers and learners with their training through online learning, telephone, email, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom meetings, and directing learners to other resources including YouTube. We have an e-portfolio system set up which can be accessed remotely by a variety of platforms, iPhone, iPads, laptops. If any learner or employer is experiencing exceptional anxiety and stress we are able to offer support and recommend professional guidance and advice. If you have a problem pick up the phone and speak to us.

Hospitality Sector Training

Welcome Skills is a nationwide training organisation specialising in a wide range of training courses and services. Primarily offering Hospitality Sector courses, our range of services and training courses will assist you to develop your business and skills whether you are employer or employee.

A personal touch

We put personal customer care at the top of our agenda. Building up a client relationship, ensuring that our client is successful is the key to our growth. The majority of our business is through personal recommendation