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Our services

Initial Skills and Compliance Audit

We take the headache away from our clients by completing an initial skills audit and recommending a phased plan of action. This allows our clients to improve business productivity, skills and compliance. Compliance is an ever growing area of concern for busy businesses striving to implement the plethora of legislation.


Licensing Applications

Our team of legal advisors will ensure that your application for a Premises and or Personal License is dealt with quickly and efficiently. We conduct courses for BIIAB Personal Licence Holders and for Designated Premises Supervisors.


Bespoke Training

We tailor training programmes specifically to your needs. There are many benefits for learners and employers alike. Some of these are outlined below

  • You will receive a nationally recognised and valued qualification
  • Training is on-the-job – No time away from the workplace
  • One-to-one support from our experienced Vocational Trainers and Assessors
  • You learn in a way that suits your life and business
  • You will receive any additional learning needs support, as required
  • Provides you with new skills and develops existing skills
  • Enhances future career prospects / internal promotion
  • You get paid while you learn
  • Business productivity and customer satisfaction increases
  • Staff retention is improved


Other Services

  • Life Style Management
  • Consultancy in Environment Health Inspection & Licensing Audits
  • Butler Training
  • Training your own Trainers ( Train the Trainer)
  • Allergy & Allergen awareness